O2BIKES Apple Airtag Holder (Available in 14 Color Combinations)

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O2BIKES Apple Airtag Holder

This Apple Airtag Holder is 3D printed for all EBikes and Bicycles equipped with bottle holder mounts. It is designed to be water resistant and held securely with standard bolts.

It is designed and 3D printed with PETG filament to provide maximum strength and high temperature requirement for outdoor use.

Available Colors (Black, White, Orange, Green with total of 14 color combinations)

* Does not include Apple Airtag

Included Parts
Apple Airtag Holder
2 M5x22 screws

Eco-Friendly PETG 3D Filament

Operating Temperature
-30c to +60c


Proudly Designed and 3D Printed by O2Bikes in Toronto, Canada

3D Printed parts and accessories may show slight visual imperfections but do not affect the functionality or structural strength that it is intended for

All 3D Printed parts include our platinum 3 year guarantee against regular wear and tear, we will replace it for free if it discontinues its initial functionality.

Platinum 3 year guarantee does not cover the following:
- Failure or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, improper maintenance, or use not in accordance with product information guide
- Damage caused by a non-authorized service provider or self-repair 


PETG Filament Specifications:
- Rigid, tough, high performance material offering excellent clarity
- Temperature tolerance of 85 Celsius 
- Offers a higher temperature tolerance compared to PLA
- Similar mechanical properties to ABS in both flexural and tensile or impact strength
- Acceptable for use in contact with food products use (FDA)
- High resistance to chemicals
- Recyclable


PLA Filament Specifications:
- Temperature tolerance of 55 Celsius
- Not to be used outdoors as material will weaken with UV and heat exposure

Wood Composite Filament Specifications:
- Polylactic acid biodegradable thermoplastic

TPU Flexible Filament Specifications:
- Rubber like filament for flexible objects