O2Bikes Electric bike horn and anti-theft alarm

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Mc
Great Product

Purchased mainly for horn when riding streets and trails, bonus was motion sensing alarm. Great quality, easy install, highly recommended.

Joe Cydeyko

I haven’t received this order as to date but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks

Ian Ashley
Loud and proud

The bike horn is extremely loud as stated. So loud, that I have resorted to putting a bathroom sink plug in the sound hole to quieten in down for general use. This horn is amazing for alerting car drivers to your presence and it gives me extra piece of mind when I leave my bike in public places.

Kameron Bogan

All right, powerful horn! Very satisfied! I will be able to secure my bike with this anti-theft alarm and be heard in traffic. I recommend. Thank you!

O2Bikes E-Bike bicycle scooter moped Electric horn and anti-theft alarm

Horn and alarm system for bike, bicycles, ebikes, scooters, mopeds
Warn smartphone-distracted drivers that you are coming! Sound the alarm when someone messes with your bike. The horn is actually the same type used on motorcycles with all the electronics self-contained inside the unit. With the push of the button, the horn pumps out 120 decibels, alerting drivers of your presence.

This horn is a game changer and a must have for the faster Class 3 e-bikes which can approach speeds of 30 mph. This accessory will transform your ride, especially if you do a lot of commuting. It gives an added peace of mind knowing the alarm will be triggered as soon as the thief touches your bike, before they have a chance to break your lock.
A must have if you are a driver for Ubereats, Doordash, Skipthedishes.
Battery lasts approximately 2000 beeps per charge

* This is the latest version that includes a longer battery life and louder horn.

Tech Specs

360 mounting bracket
Anodized aluminum body
IP67 water resistance

Dimensions & weight
Product size 125mm x 58mm x 65mm (4.9" x 2.3" x 2.6")

1600mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Full charge provides approximately 2000 beeps
Easily charge using USB-C port

Operating Temperature
-10c to +50c

120 dB

One-year limited warranty

What's in the box
1 Horn alarm
1 USB-C charging cable
1 Instruction manual
1 Quality certificate
1 anti-slip mat
2 bolts
2 Remote control key

User Guide
O2Bikes Electric Horn and Anti-theft Alarm User Guide