E-Bike Hub Motor Kit 48V 500W

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This E-Bike hub motor kit includes a hub motor that comes with a wheel of your choice, a controller integrated in the battery case, LG Lithium Cells, an LCD and a throttle.

How does it work?

The hub motor has an integrated speed and torque sensor that senses your every move. As soon as you start pedaling at 5km/h, the motor provides assistance at the level of assist you determine on the LCD. As you climb a hill, the sensor tells the motor to provide you with more assist automatically. The sensor knows when you brake and stops providing power to the motor.

This results in a softer launching feel and a more efficient use of the motor, resulting in an extended battery range.

*Selecting 190mm hub motor includes wider 20" and 26" rims. 700C and 29" rims only comes in 142mm hub motor kit.

Range up to 50miles (80kms) with 12.8Ah battery

Finally an E-Bike hub motor kit that doesn't come in 10 different parts and a controller that comes with 20 connectors that you have a hard time figuring out, not to mention having to run all that cable to every component and securing them to your bike.



Tech Specs

Motor weight  7.7lb (3.5kg)
Battery weight 7.7lb (3.5kg)

Operating Temperature 
-20c to +60c  
 -4 to 140 Fahrenheit 
Charging temperature 
0c to 45c 
32 to 113 Fahrenheit 

One-year limited warranty


What's included in the box?

1pc 48V 500W E-Bike hub motor (142mm or 190mm)
1pc Rim 20", 26", 700C, 29"
1pc Throttle
1pc LCD
1pc LG Lithium Battery Pack (10Ah or 12.8Ah)
1pc Charger 48V 2A